Best 5 Marketing Technology Content Pieces of 2017

Blog Post
December 21, 2017

Marketing technology is changing faster than we can keep up. Capturing relevant, useful information from vast amounts of data and tailoring it to reach customers on a human level is just one of the challenges marketers faced during 2017. Have a look back at our wrap up of the top performing martech content from the year and gain some insight into what changes we’ll see in the year to come.

Chatbots Are All The Rage, Here's How To Train Them

Many global brands are realizing the the benefits of chatbots; from hailing an Uber via Facebook Messenger to getting helpful, interactive customer assistance right on a the brand's homepage. However, just like you need to train your employees to interact with customers, you also need to train your chatbots. Anubhav Mishra of Wipro’s Connected Customer Experience walks you through the essentials of creating happy, helpful bots.

Tailoring Conversations with Artificial Intelligence

In this video, CMO Frank Grillo explains that as humans, we have an infinite capacity to adjust our conversations in real time based on others' turns in the conversation. Digital marketing, he states, needs to act this way, too, and technology like artificial intelligence is the key to how it's done.

3 Ways To Use Machine Learning In Your Marketing

Machine learning gives computers the power to learn from experience, much like humans do. In the effort to make marketing more human, marketers should take advantage of this technology. In this piece, Harte Hanks Chief Data and Analytics Officer Korey Thurber looks at three distinct machine learning capabilities that will help to supercharge your marketing performance: personalization, attribution and sentiment analysis.

CRM 3.0: Using Technology to Bring Human Interaction Back To Marketing

Can technology make marketing more human? Have a look back at this thought-provoking white paper that explores this very question. From increased customer expectations for seamless, contextual experiences to the ever-growing pool of martech tools that enable them, this paper explains the crucial transitions occurring in CRM and how brands can take advantage of them.

Signals: Identify and Get To Know Your Customers Better

To be more human in our marketing, we must use data to facilitate contextual, in-the-moment conversations. This piece looks at the challenges to marketing in the moment—one of which is to take all of the "big" data we have available to us and turn it into small data—specific information that helps us to be more responsive to each individual. Read on.

In the Year to Come

There’s no doubt that in the year ahead we will see further, even more rapid advancements in marketing technologies. Stay tuned as we continue to explore the challenges that arise and present the solutions available.