Top-Performing Retail Marketing Content of 2017

Blog Post
December 20, 2017

As we wrap up 2017, it's a good time to reflect on the past twelve months—including some of our most-read thought leadership. Here, we take a look at retail, one of the most hotly discussed segments in marketing right now. Will brick and mortar survive? How can you best achieve an in-the-moment, omnichannel experience? Can anyone beat Amazon?

Have a look at what our readers loved in 2017 and get ready for further disruptions in the year to come.

Nordstrom Local: A Test in Disrupting Amazon

CEO Karen Puckett takes a look at Nordstrom’s bold new concept, described as “disrupting the disruptor.” With their Nordstrom Local realization, the retailer seeks to offer a more enticing customer experience through a wide range of high-end personal services. These small, 3,000 square foot footprint “stores” would leverage existing inventories and challenge Amazon by focusing on two steps: order and delivery. 

Toys"R"Us Failure is from Customer Experience—Not Amazon

Why did mega-chain Toys"R"Us file for bankruptcy? Is it due to the ever-changing retail environment? The ever-growing specter of online retailers like Amazon? Or was it due to a subpar customer experience? Consumers today are demanding great retail experiences and won’t settle for mediocre. What worked for Toys"R"Us in the late 1990s and 2000s clearly wasn’t working today, but the store refused to change the way it operated. 

Amazon and Whole Foods: Why Retail Still Needs Brick and Mortar

Over the past few years, retailers have been increasingly focused on optimizing their digital channels and online experiences, while many have been closing their physical store locations. CMO Frank Grillo looks at the ongoing need for brick and mortar—why it’s far from dead or dying and why it continues to play a role in retail success.

Retail Marketing in 2017: What CMOs Need to Know

This e-book explains the approaches CMOs need to succeed in the changing retail environment. Featuring insights from some of the top minds in marketing, you'll find topics like how to catch buyers early on in their journey; the convergence of digital and physical shopping experiences; and what you need to know to compete with Amazon.

The Evolving Customer Experience: Frank Grillo and Kay Lemon on Knowledge@Warton

On June 22, Harte Hanks CMO Frank Grillo and Marketing Advisory Board member Kay Lemon, Ph.D., were featured as the keynote presentation at Wharton's Consumer Response to the Evolving Retailing Landscape conference. After their keynote, Frank and Kay were invited to appear on Knowledge@Wharton, the school's online business publication and live broadcast program. During the interview, they discussed how the digital age has changed the buyer's journey and what retailers can do to meet evolving customer demands. Have a listen here.

Why Casper is Winning: Valuable Lessons for Pure Play Retailers

Because there are so many online retailers, the way to differentiate yourself as a pure play retailer is to put the customer first with an eye on building trust. One company doing this well is Casper, the online mattress company that says they were founded at the intersection of “…thinking about how we disrupt the mattress industry but also having a really holistic focus on sleep and wellness."

Looking to the Year Ahead

Many of the issues facing retail marketers in 2017 will continue to challenge us in the year ahead. Stay tuned for more thought leadership in 2018 on the evolution of retail marketing and how brands can transform for success.