Harte Hanks Puts Inaugural Transport Award for “Carrier of the Quarter” into Motion

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September 23, 2015

Recognition Program Awards Top 5 Truckload Carriers; $1000 Grand Prize Awarded at Year’s End

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In today’s digital world, direct mail is often overlooked. Yet as one of the most effective marketing tools around, direct mail is a key cornerstone of many successful campaigns. With a response rate of approximately four percent, direct mail far surpasses other channels like email marketing and paid search, with response rates for each clocking in around 0.1 percent.

At Harte Hanks we understand the importance of direct mail. Harte Hanks completes over three million shipments of time-sensitive materials annually, making it one of the largest providers of third-party logistics in the United States. We also understand that it all wouldn’t be possible without our Truckload carriers.

For the first time in the company’s history, Harte Hanks is implementing a Carrier of the Quarter Program. As the name suggests, each quarter, Harte Hanks will identify the top 5 Truckload carriers, who provided superior customer service to Harte Hanks’ clients.

Truckload Carrier of the Quarter are based on the following criteria:

  1. Number of loads transported
  2. On-time pickup and delivery performance
  3. No unresolved or delinquent claims
  4. Maintaining a Department of Transportation Satisfactory or Unrated Safety Rating.
  5. No adverse comments on Carrier Watch (CSA’s)

Out of 1300 carriers, the five winners for Truckload Carriers are:

  • Larrabee Trucking LLC, Coatesville PA
  • Lama Express Inc, Rosemont IL
  • Beltrans Ltd, Pottstown PA
  • Bear Transportation, Yorba Linda CA
  • Perfect Transportation LLC, Indianapolis IN

At the end of the year, Harte Hanks Logistics will select one winner from each quarter to receive the inaugural “Carrier of the Year.” The grand prize will be $1000.

Direct mail shipments are an integral part of Harte Hanks’ and our clients’ success, and it is through the strong partnership with our Truckload carriers that we can ensure on-time delivery at highly competitive pricing.