Harte Hanks and 3Q to Do Something Memorable In Retail

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April 06, 2015

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You may have heard by now that Harte Hanks has acquired 3Q Digital, one of the most widely respected, independent agencies in digital marketing.

What a win for our clients.

The Perfect Complement

3Q Digital specializes in digital paid media with extensive experience in paid search, paid social, mobile and display. Now that 3Q is joining our team, our clients will benefit from the digital expertise and experience 3Q Digital has in serving some of their premiere clients (which include the likes of Facebook, Symantec and SurveyMonkey)—in addition to our traditional marketing capabilities and software solutions via Trillium Software.

Our CEO Robert Philpott, explains the advantage that comes with connecting our services: “The most critical points in a customer journey are the moments when an individual interacts with one of our client’s brands. Harte Hanks believes the relevance and connectivity of these interactions are fundamental to driving marketing performance. 3Q Digital strengthens our capabilities and expertise to effectively manage these interactions in the paid digital world.”

Better Interactions for a Better Customer Experience

Managing these customer interactions is the basis for crafting a better overall customer experience. Connected and intelligent interactions in a customer experience start with the use of connecting data and putting it to intelligent use. We have a rich history of connecting the underlying data in disparate channels like direct mail, email, contact center etc. to drive relevance. 3Q Digital has established the same reputation in digital performance marketing. 3Q Digital shares the Harte Hanks philosophy, evidenced by their ongoing efforts to connect channels and improve decisioning across paid digital media including SEM, display, mobile and social.

The combination of 3Q Digital and Harte Hanks enables us to cover many of the essential interactions that make up the TOTAL customer experience. Together we will deliver the most connected customer experience possible, defining interaction led marketing.


Retail and Consumer Expertise

Probably most compelling to our retail clients is the retail and consumer expertise 3Q adds to our offering. 3Q boasts clients like Warby Parker, ModCloth, BaubleBar, Wine.com, Keen and more. In addition, they’ve published papers like:

• Google Shopping Campaigns: A Complete Guide
• How to Solve Retail’s Digital Marketing Dilemma

(You can download both of these papers here.)

Be On the Lookout as We Do Something Memorable

We’re psyched to move forward with 3Q, combining our expertise for the benefit of our clients. In our case, the whole really is greater than the sum of the parts. Expect to see big, memorable things in the future—including big things in retail.