4 Hacks to Keep Your Company’s Blog Content Flowing

Blog Post
February 04, 2015


As the managing editor of this blog, it’s my job to make sure we have a steady stream of new blog content. If you manage your own corporate blog (or even a personal blog), I’m sure you know how challenging that can be. No matter how many subject matter experts (SMEs) you ask for a post, you still often turn up empty handed. The following are some hacks I’ve come up with to make sure I always have something to publish.

1. Troll your internal networks for ideas.

You probably have some sort of internal communication/collaboration platform like Microsoft’s Yammer, IBM Connections or even something more custom to your company where people chat and share ideas. This is a prime spot to find potential blog topics and their authors. For example, this post about 3 trends that we predict will occupy retail CMOs this year came out of an internal Yammer conversation on the same topic.

2. Ghostwrite.

Once you find a great topic, it’s still unlikely that the SME wants/knows how/has time to write a blog post for you. Make it easy for them. Get on the phone for 15 minutes, pick their brain about the topic, ask for some sources of relevant stats, and get to work. I take highly detailed notes during my phone conversations so that I can 1) fully understand the topic, and 2) accurately reflect the SME’s unique voice. Make sure to run the draft by your author before actually publishing.

3. Repurpose. For real.

Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard this one before. But have you done it? I’ve been assigned to write countless white papers, case studies, point of view papers, infographics, etc. They mostly live as downloadable PDFs. With a little tweaking, most of this content can also live on your blog. For example, this post about how pharma marketers can reach limited-access docs, as well as this post about how Shutterfly failed at social customer support, started out as a point of view paper and case study, respectively. And this post about finding your most “persuadable” targets came from an infographic.

Each piece was used for its specific lead gen campaign, and then sat mostly unused in the content library. Repurposing them on the blog gave them new legs…and gave me something to publish. When you’re coming up short, browse through your own content library and see what you might be able to bring back to life.

4. Be your own expert.

Of course there are times when you can’t seem to find an SME to talk about anything interesting. And your content library has already been stretched to the max.

Now it’s time to ask, what are YOU an expert at? Then write about it.

This very post is a perfect example. I am part of our corporate marketing department, which means I don’t specialize in a particular area of our business–I support all verticals, solutions, etc. While I’m not officially an SME in the typical sense, I’m pretty darn knowledgeable about…managing our blog! I’m sharing a little bit of that knowledge here (and I think it has made a halfway decent post, if I do say so myself).

I hope these hacks make your life a little easier when it comes to blog content.

What tips and tricks do you have to keep your blog content coming?