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The Vaccine Effect: From Burnout to Bounce-Back

By March 25, 2021November 10th, 2021HHBI, Insights
woman getting covid vaccination, pandemic, covid19

The Harte Hanks Behavioral Index™ is a global initiative to uncover emerging drivers of behavior. We seek to identify relationships between emotional anomalies and resulting behavior, ranking and scoring those behaviors against brand performance.

In our previous installment of the study, The Harte Hanks Behavioral Index: From Behavioral Reset to (R)evolution, we analyzed the dramatic behavioral effects emerging from a society forced to deal with the intersection of a global pandemic, civic protests and divisive politics. In uncovering the emotional catalysts of personal and communal change, we saw not only what people were doing, but why, and gave direction on how brands could help and win.

The Harte Hanks Behavioral Index™ has been measuring and analyzing people’s emotional state and resulting behaviors since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this installment we explore: what will be the real impact of the vaccine? How fast will behavior change? What can marketers expect? What are the implications for serving customers in even more human, empathetic ways?