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Warehouse and Inventory Management

We make sure your inventory is signed, sealed and delivered

With our seamless warehouse and inventory management, you can trust that your customers will receive their orders quickly and cost-effectively from our strategically located warehouses on the East Coast and in the Midwest. We optimize every aspect of the warehouse and inventory fulfillment process for an efficient, cost-effective and error-free experience, from receiving and picking to packing and shipping.

Our GMP-certified, FDA-certified and climate-controlled facilities can handle complex and sensitive inventory management needs, including secured storage. Our newest, FDA-licensed center of excellence in Kansas City features 300,000 square feet of climate-controlled secure storage. From this warehouse, we offer same-day pick and pack fulfillment services for customers in highly regulated industries, including pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organizations that require strong inventory management and product tracking experience (e.g., products with time-sensitive expiration dates).

Our best-in-class warehouse management system offers superior inventory management services to help you assess your inventory levels at a glance from a single dashboard. This visibility enhances our client services team’s ability to work with you to keep the inventory you need on hand to prevent product shortages while avoiding inventory overstocking.

When you call, 24/7, we deliver.

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Core offerings

  • FDA certified distribution capabilities
  • Automated inventory control management
  • Climate-controlled, secure warehouse space
  • Strategic warehouse locations to maximize speed to market
  • Low-cost storage options

Pick it, pack it, and ship it:
Our order fulfillment process

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  • Arrival and unpacking of inventory
  • Product documentation, including serial number and SKU allotment
  • Storage in climate-controlled and secure warehouse
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  • Picklist creation
  • Product retrieval from storage in correct quantities and good condition
  • Product relocation to dedicated client packing station
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  • Product packing, sorting and sealing
  • Package barcode labeling
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  • Shipping carrier determination based on cost, delivery date and returns policy
  • Shipment placement with carriers
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