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Customer Service Technology

Automation done right.

Automated technology can drive down the cost of customer support.

But customer service technology can also drive away your customers when it’s not done well. Your self-service website or app should deliver an easy-to-navigate user experience. If not, you risk frustrating customers and driving them to your contact center where an agent must first defuse the situation before any resolution can happen.

AI that’s efficient and effective.

Your help center, chatbots, and other technology tools may be efficient. We’ll make them effective. Our human-centered team approach to increasing customer satisfaction while reducing costs looks like this:

self service help center


Our self-service help centers provide tested design and functionality to increase resolution without engaging an agent. It’s much more than FAQs!

Marketing Services


Our expert content development team drives self-service resolution through relevant and effective articles, graphics, and videos to build your Knowledge Base.

crm integration


Our CRM integration and customization takes your technology to the next level by configuring your systems to operate efficiently and to talk to each other rather than operating in silos.

We begin by tracking the path of your customer’s inquiry to ensure a seamless interaction. Every search, every click, every email, chat, and question, should result in a positive outcome. We track these outcomes using our suite of CX data and analytics tools to continuously optimize the experience.

The result is digital transformation. Your automation is transformed. Customer assistance is improved. You get the data you need for continuous improvements and satisfied customers.

Customer Service Technology

Learn more about how we use customer service technology to provide a humanistic approach to automation, self-service and digital transformation.

For customer care technology that’s efficient and effective, Harte Hanks provides these core offerings:

  • CRM customization

  • Self-service help center

  • Content development

  • CX data and analytics

  • Intelligent automation


Harte Hanks in Action:
Exceptional Customer Care Technology

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