CRM and Digital Solutions

While automated technology can certainly drive down the cost of customer support, it can also drive away your customers.

If your self-service website or app does not provide a seamless, easy-to-navigate user experience, you frustrate your customers and drive them to interact with a call center associate, who then first must defuse a frustrated or even angry customer.

At Harte Hanks Customer Care, we practice the art of developing Humanistic Technology. We track the path of human inquiry to ensure that every search, every click, every email, every chat, every question, every text concludes with a positive outcome. It’s a lot more involved than simply throwing up a website and buying some Google search words.

It’s not easy. But reducing customer effort reduces costs and increases customer satisfaction for our clients.

Core offerings

  • CRM configuration/development
  • Self-service help center
  • Content development (written, video/animation)
  • Messaging solutions (email support, chat support, SMS, app support, asynchronous)
  • Intelligent automation (AI, bots)