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Pat O’Brien Discusses How to Reduce E-commerce Logistics Costs

By November 8, 2023May 31st, 2024Newsroom, Featured News
Published Date: Wednesday, Nov 08, 2023
Last Updated on: Friday, May 31, 2024
Pat O’Brien How to Reduce E-commerce Logistics Costs

Pat O’Brien, Managing Director of Fulfillment and Logistics recently sat down with Rachel Kline of Authority Magazine to chat about E-commerce production and shipping costs.

“Technology and automation are at the forefront of driving down costs and providing better visibility for our clients and their customers. From the front-end ordering process, real-time multi-node inventory visibility paired with outbound shipping optimization is the best way to achieve the lowest cost to fulfill an order. We want the right item to be fulfilled from the right Fulfillment Center that optimizes outbound shipping costs and delivery speed. And we want to partner with clients on how they prioritize the cost/speed balance because it may vary depending on whether a SKU is in high demand or a slower-moving staple.

Within our facilities, tech and automation can drive down costs. Real-time inventory visibility allows for fewer “touches” and inventory movement around the facility and unlocks optimized picking patterns for our team. Bringing thoughtful automation to fulfillment activities allows us to do more with less and keep our team members working on the most value-added parts of our overall offering, such as complex SKU kitting.”

Click here to learn more about Pat and E-commerce fulfillment and logistics.

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