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Harte Hanks Launches Expanded Healthcare Practice

Harte Hanks Healthcare logo with doctor in background

Harte Hanks (Nasdaq: HHS), a leading global customer experience company, announced today that it has launched an expanded healthcare practice led by Janel Harris, an executive with extensive experience in the healthcare agency world.

Harte Hanks currently works with a broad range of mid-size and large clients across the DTC and OTC categories including such well-recognized companies as GSK, Abbott, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Pfizer, among others.

“Harte Hanks has built a strong reputation over the past decade for providing world class service for its clients in the pharmaceutical, wellness, and healthcare industries,” says Harris who has held senior level leadership roles at MRM, GSW Worldwide and GKV Communications, among others. “We have a dynamic team of talented professionals, and it’s exciting to be a part of the company as we further expand our offerings in this rapidly growing sector of our business.”

Janel Harris
Janel Harris

Harris says that one of the unique strengths of Harte Hanks Healthcare is its ability to build and execute programs that encapsulate a complete view of the patient ecosystem. She notes that Harte Hanks Healthcare can provide clients a broad range of fully integrated services including patient insights, data analytics, customer care and support, creative execution, fulfillment, and logistics. Given its global reach, the company can manage challenges from language barriers to regulatory compliance matters across geographic regions.

One of the key strengths of Harte Hanks Healthcare is its ability to leverage a best-in-class technology stack to create optimal patient centric digital brand experiences. “We have the digital platforms, tools and expertise to anticipate, accommodate, facilitate, and advocate so that every patient feels cared for and heard,” says Harris.

She states whether it is defining specific patient segments or creating highly targeted communications that reach patients precisely when they need them during their health and wellness journey, “we have the expertise needed to best serve patient and customer needs.”

For example, the company operates multiple distribution centers across the U.S. and Europe and recently opened a new state-of-the-art e-commerce and distribution facility in Kansas City. The 400,000 square foot FDA approved center can fulfill OTC products, samples, and patient information materials directly from any e-commerce website. Harte Hanks delivers more than 1.3 million packages and more than 4 billion mail packets directly into the hands of customers annually. This distribution service covers programs serving patients, medical professionals, healthcare facilities and consumers.

“Whether it is with pharmaceutical brands or healthcare systems, we have a unique ability to ensure that our clients are engaging with their target audiences using a full-spectrum of channels and platforms,” says Brian Linscott, Chief Executive Officer, Harte Hanks. “Our award-winning work is a testament to our excellence in helping clients best serve their patient populations.”


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