Case Study - Sports Media - Harte Hanks

Customer support and keeping sports fans streaming through the digital turnstile.

Major Sports Content Provider
Customer Support
Data Analytics, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Experience Development, Inbound Customer Care

The Challenge

Streaming of major sports events is growing at warp speed. To stay ahead of the growth, it’s critical for sports content providers to deliver consistent, positive support experiences for new and existing fans—from subscription to inquiries to contact center response times. Our client challenged us to deliver a flexible, scalable customer care solution that keeps fans happy, from the enormous spike in users on an opening day, through the playoffs, and beyond.


Combining the latest in predictive data analysis and customer relationship management with leading edge workforce management, we helped our client usher fans through the digital turnstiles in record numbers.
Leveraged call history data and game matchup data to predict the number of interactions per channel per hour to inform staffing and meet customers in the channel of their choice. Identified opportunities to deploy self-help Interactive Voice Response to deflect calls during peak times and reduce hold times.
Developed the client’s CRM, which automated the ability to categorize, identify, route and prioritize critical issues first. Integrated the client’s database with the CRM to pre-populate customer history, automate simpler requests and route inquires to the most efficient channels. Used advanced management tools and technologies to align staff with call patterns across markets and match number of agents with projected call volumes.
Support 100% of this client’s customer support interactions across phone, email, chat and social – with the capability to flex and scale from 20 to over 400 agents. Maintain up-to-date knowledge of all new streaming devices and operating systems.

The results

Directing fans to the appropriate channel via inquiry type, self-help and call deflection strategies, we continue to improve the client’s customer experience while reducing customer support costs. Specific results include:
5% or lower average abandon rate
80% calls answered within 60 seconds
14% reduction in support costs during first year of execution. Between 5% and 7% year over year thereafter

Our approach resulted in 20% growth for the client year-over-year in the highly competitive streaming media market, while reducing customer support costs at the same time.

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