Case Study - Sony - Harte Hanks

Case Study

How Sony reclaimed its position as the premier brand for brand loyalists


The Challenge

Integrated Customer Experience
Data Modeling, Customer Journey Mapping, Integrated Campaigns, B2C Marketing, Interactive Marketing, Multichannel Marketing, Direct Mail

The consumer electronics space is noisy. It’s a battle just to be heard. Consumers have more options than ever when it comes to cameras, smartphones and other gadgets. How could Sony generate consumer buzz around its products, and then translate that into long-term loyalty in a way that drives growth and profitability? To be successful in today’s crowded consumer electronics space, marketers need create memorable customer experiences across every customer interaction. This requires modeling, measurement, and assessment that can be quickly translated into an integrated marketing strategy that aligns traditional and digital interactions, and puts the brand on the path to rapid and effective implementation, and ultimately to victory.



To get consumers to listen to them again, Sony needed a solution that included predictive modeling to assess data and identify purchasing patterns.


Sony and Harte Hanks leveraged the power of untapped data from Sony’s existing and prospective customer base, driving predictive modeling, allowing them to stay one step ahead of the customer.


Utilizing data and predictive modeling, Sony and Harte Hanks developed an integrated marketing campaign that created a seamless, consistent, and memorable customer experience across all communication touch points.


The integrated marketing campaign included key elements like direct mail to drive traffic to Sony’s website and Email communications to deliver just the right product information at the right time. Sony also implemented catalog drops and free standing inserts (FSI) that would engage the customer on a more frequent and relevant basis, resulting in a more engaging and profitable consumer experience, and enhancing loyalty across multiple products and devices.


The results

As a result of Harte Hanks’ integrated marketing and communications approach, Sony’s sell-through and product registrations, cross sales and conversion rates, and customer satisfaction have all significantly improved thanks to smarter and more integrated product/business unit integration.
Sony has experienced several success benchmarks, specifically:
41% Growth in revenue
100% Increase in email open rates

“Our unique approach of combining digital and traditional solutions led to optimal customer satisfaction and increased loyalty across Sony’s product portfolio. The result was a more engaged and satisfied customer and that is music to our ears.”

– Sony
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