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How Samsung surprised and delighted customers with the launch of the Galaxy Note 4.


The Challenge

Note 4 Product Launch: #NoteMyDay
Customer Experience Development, B2C Marketing, Integrated Campaigns, Content Creation and Production, Interactive Marketing, Social Media Management

The challenge for any brand is to break through the clutter and keep online communities engaged through authentic communication—particularly at pivotal moments like a flagship product launch. The Galaxy Note 4 was launched in 2014 and had been praised by the tech press for its great productivity features, which Samsung had promoted across the vast network of its global marketing efforts. We were tasked with positioning ‘productivity’ as a key proposition to the sub-30 age group through a global campaign for the Note 4 that leveraged Samsung’s sizeable Facebook and Twitter following, as well as other social channels.



To drive consumer engagement, Harte Hanks enlisted two digital media stars—Rudy Mancuso and Shaun “Shonduras” McBride—to execute a video-led social campaign called #NoteMyDay. Rudy and Shaun were armed and ready to improve social users’ bad days using the Galaxy Note 4.


Explored the appeal of the Note 4’s new productivity features with audiences under the age of 30 from around the world. Research showed this group to be highly expressive online about both good and bad life experiences.

Developed a social campaign that used a bespoke Twitter tool to find users having bad days—then enabled Rudy and Shaun to improve these bad days by creating unique experiences and custom content with the Galaxy Note 4.

Executed the unique social campaign. Brought Rudy and Shaun to New York to surprise and delight three consumers – turning their bad days around by creating a unique surprise - all helped by the Galaxy Note 4. Expanded our efforts globally, transforming 21 days from #NotMyDay into #NoteMyDay, all using social channels.


The results

#NoteMyDay was an interactive and real-time B2C marketing campaign that leveraged key insights about the target audience to drive online conversation, video views and overall positive sentiment for the brand.
An insight-driven social strategy, and real-time interactive content turned the Galaxy Note 4 into a hero for its targets, helping convert consumers’ days from #NotMyDay to #NoteMyDay. Key success metrics included:
  • 5.2M YouTube views across video series and 26M Vine loops
  • 226,000 engagements on Twitter for #NoteMyDay
  • 94% positive sentiment score for content across all social channels based on Radian 6 scoring
  • #NoteMyDay is a Finalist for the 2015 Drum Dadi Awards for both “Best consumer campaign” and “Best use of Video”
26M Vine loops 6 #NoteMyDay trended in 6 Countries

“We briefed the team at Harte Hanks to deliver an idea that was original, compelling, yet simple, and they managed to deliver on all three of these with #NoteMyDay.”

– Samsung Mobile
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