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How a top Pharmaceutical
Company wrote their own
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The Challenge

Global Pharmaceutical Brand
Consumer Relationship Management Program
Customer Segmentation, Integrated Campaigns, Website Development, B2C Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention, Program Optimization, Marketing Database, Multichannel Marketing, Mail Fulfillment Logistics

Approximately one in ten Americans are afflicted with Type 2 diabetes. Each patient has different medical requirements across a wide spectrum of behavioral and information needs. Harte Hanks was approached by a major global pharmaceutical client who was new to the diabetes market and needed help in acquiring and retaining patients. This company wanted to differentiate their brand and establish themselves as a responsible leader in helping patients understand their disease—ultimately increasing adherence to their therapy.



To help this brand communicate with its patients, we decided to make things personal. We created a consumer relationship management program to target and acquire new patients and to help existing patients more proactively manage their condition.
Identified organizations for co-registration arrangements to increase new patient registrations. Segmented qualified program registrants for customized communications messaging and cadence.
Designed an integrated customer engagement program with easy-to-understand information for patients delivered over time in small doses. Managed the patient database and developed all program materials, including digital properties and customized content.
Developed a multichannel program across email, direct mail and online for a consistent end-to-end patient experience. Continually monitored, analyzed and optimized engagement in real-time.

The results

With a high level of integration between Harte Hanks and our pharmaceutical partner, the program achieved impressive results across patient acquisition and retention.
The strategic consumer relationship program, which married data analytics and insights with creative content, increased patient adherence and converted patients into brand advocates. Key success metrics, validated by IMS, included:
  • 4:1 ROI after only a year of program deployment
  • 3 times higher rate of converting program participants to product brand users versus non-participants
  • Program participants stayed on brand’s therapy longer than non-participants.
4:1 ROI after only a year of
program deployment
3X higher conversion rate

"Adherence is a huge win. Pharmaceutical companies spend a lot of money up front to get patients on board, so loyalty is valuable and a big undertaking—something that every pharma company really struggles with. Pharmaceutical marketing cases rarely see such impressive ROI validated by an external source. This program was groundbreaking in that it set the bar for customer engagement in the diabetes market."

— Client Services Group Lead
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