Database Marketing Services

Targeted Databases that Deliver Real ROI Impact.

Customer data holds within it the power to optimize your marketing cycle, enhance the customer experience, and lower costs while providing a measurable impact on revenue. And that adds up to a powerful ROI. But for your data to make an impact, you need to be able to wrap your arms around it – and in the era of big data, that’s no easy task.

Your database solution is the strategic foundation for the creation, enrichment, and management of customer data. That makes it a powerful tool that can deliver the insight you need to accelerate your future growth. But making sure your database can deliver the 360 degree customer insight you need is a job for experienced professionals. Harte Hanks has deep database expertise and marketing automation experience that we’ve applied to over 600 database implementations and thousands of database marketing engagements around the world. We’ll make sure your database accelerates future growth.

Specific Harte Hanks database services include:

  • Design and construction – We’ll examine the tools and data you already have, and then formulate a database strategy for the road ahead.
  • Data organization – – No matter how many countries, formats or languages are involved, we bring the data together and make it easier to access, use and share from anywhere.
  • CRM databases – At Harte Hanks, we helped define CRM; we’ll help you build and maintain targeted databases so you can enhance your customer relationships.
  • Data enrichment – Our data append services expand your customer knowledge, allowing you to identify new market opportunities and target your marketing approach more effectively.

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