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Travel & Leisure

Create better pre- and post-customer experiences by understanding their journey.

Travel is a personal experience. We know that understanding the journey, rather than just the destination, takes data analytics and strategy to create the entire customer experience. Our multichannel approach allows you to reach your customers and prospects across any channel, so you can interact how and when they want. This mix of traditional, digital, social and mobile marketing combined with our world-class fulfillment and logistics allow us to deliver on the pre and post-travel experience, creating a smarter customer journey that delivers better brand engagement and results.

Getting Customers on Board
with a Cruise Line

How Harte Hanks helped a travel company understand its customer with targeted digital media, email driving qualified leads, and conversion—leading to a surge in revenue.


Understanding what our customer cared about was critical to an effective media plan that drove results world-wide at a reduced cost.