Pharmaceutical | Harte Hanks

Fast track to recovery: delivering world-class patient support

Case Study


A global pharmaceutical leader developed and launched a new drug to treat a long-term illness—at the same time as its direct competitor. In a race to market, the client needed to quickly differentiate their brand and therapy, which required a long course of treatment. A “white glove” patient care program was implemented to build patients’ confidence toward a successful recovery.


Harte Hanks helped the client execute a successful patient care campaign in less than 90 days. A custom CRM gave patients real-time access to advisors and nine other partners, including a nurse connector, pharmacies and reimbursement services. A high-value, high-touch customer care program was also deployed—in English and Spanish—to offer inbound support, outbound calls and emails.

The pharma client eased the journey for patients with a long-term illness by allowing them to focus solely on improving their health.