How a top pharmaceutical company wrote a prescription for success

Case Study


Approximately one in ten Americans is diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, and each has different medical requirements. A major global pharmaceutical client new to the diabetes market needed help acquiring and retaining patients, differentiating their brand, establishing themselves as a resource for patients, and increasing adherence to their therapy.


To make treatment more personal, we created a consumer relationship management program, partnering with organizations to target and acquire new patients while helping current patients manage their condition. We designed an integrated customer engagement program across email, direct mail and web, continually monitoring, analyzing and optimizing engagement in real-time.

The strategic consumer relationship program, which married data analytics and insights with creative content, increased patient adherence and converted them into brand advocates. Program participants stayed on the brand’s therapy longer than non-participants.


ROI after only a year of program deployment


higher rate of conversion rate to produt use for participants

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