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Harte Hanks does meaningful things every day. Not just for our customers and clients, but for our communities and our world. Leveraging the resources of our people and expertise, we deliver innovative, sustainable solutions to those in need and to nonprofit organizations in the communities where we work and live.

Harte Hanks corporate responsibility:

by the numbers

  • 29 locations

    Global contributions from 29 locations around the world
  • 5,000+ employees

    More than 5,000 employee participants
  • 1,000+ hours volunteered

    More than 1,000 volunteer hours donated globally in 2014–2015
  • $100,000 in services

    More than $100,000 in marketing services and support donated to nonprofit organizations over the past year.



Operating responsibly is ingrained in our company culture and requires employees to make ethical decisions and assess how to most effectively execute our work activities. To reach these high business values, we must understand the impact our operations have on the people and environment where we have a strong business presence; and commit resources to organizations that make an enduring impact in those communities such as:

  • Human Services
  • Environmental Impact/Conservation
  • Economic/Workforce Impact

Giving back through marketing know-how


We are experts at creating powerful customer experiences for some of the world's leading brands and we provide the same insight and expertise to nonprofit organizations. In turn, our employees learn about supporting the needs of people in the community. It's a win-win.


Programs driven by passion, fueled by employees


In 2015, our employees gave back and initiated the following community relations programs:

  • Assisted victims of the Nepal earthquake through employee and company-matched funding, as well as a computer and associated technology donation.
  • Donated $15,000 in web design to the Philadelphia Orchard Project (POP) including Harte Hanks’ support on updating the organization’s website and blog, and integrating social marketing tools to help extend their reach.
  • Donated an advertising campaign for United Services Organization (USO)—U.S.-based and congressionally-chartered nonprofit, which has supported members of the military and their families since 1941. Each year, Harte Hanks teams in Jacksonville, FL. and Trevose, PA. donate, design and print mail services to support the military and their families; valued at approximately $10,000 yearly.
  • Children's charities of the UK—participate in biannual fundraisers, including Red Nose Day, that raise millions of pounds to serve children globally.
  • Planted more than 1,500 trees with Plant-for-the-Planet, in the name of Harte Hanks Belgium customers, as part of a United Nations Environment Initiative.

Harte Hanks in action.Take a quick look at a few of the programs Harte Hanks employees are involved in:

  • Eco Art Walk Show
  • Lead & Inspire the Future Today
  • New Image Youth Center
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness, Greater Orlando
  • Global Peace Film Festival
  • Plant-for-the-Planet

Eco Art Walk Show

Beginning in 2015, this traveling art show illustrated a journey through Philadelphia to help environment-focused nonprofits solve unique marketing challenges. Each art piece was created by local Philadelphia artists in conjunction with Harte Hanks marketing professionals to promote the efforts of nonprofit organizations to improve our environment. Each nonprofit that participated received valuable insight on effective marketing and worked with our employees to build relationships with each other and members of the local community.
“The EcoWalk helps visitors to our offices to see Harte Hanks work in a completely different light. They can see how we used our executional know-how and marketing expertise to solve unique challenges for a variety of organizations.” — Jason Cipriano,
Harte Hanks and CSR Champion

Lead & Inspire the Future Today

The Harte Hanks office in Manila hosted a two-day event to provide significant support to their community, including the following activities:
  • Established a computer laboratory for the Gen. Ricardo Papa Memorial High School - Annex for children
  • Volunteered time to provide instruction on how to use equipment
  • Coordinated a tree planting expedition to ensure sustainable resources for the next generation
“It’s a great opportunity for us to come into different areas of the city, experience their culture, meet new people and also leave something behind for those people that live in this region and do something to give back.” — Nicole Brown, Account Director, Harte Hanks
Harte Hanks Manila volunteer team.

New Image Youth Center

The New Image Youth Center in Orlando seeks to shelter children from drugs, gangs and other negative influences within the community, and minimize fears or worries they may feel as a result of their environment. Harte Hanks developed a plan to redesign their logo, incorporating bright colors and graffiti-style fonts to appeal to young, urban prospects. The design also provided flexibility to allow them to use it across all facets of marketing: web, social media and print.
“With a mission focused on helping inner city youth obtain a new image through positive and motivating learning experiences, we recognized we needed our own image makeover to attract their attention.” — Shanta Barton,
President of New Image
Youth Center

National Alliance on Mental Illness, Greater Orlando

The National Alliance on Mental Illness, Greater Orlando (NAMIGO) is part of the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for Americans affected by mental illness. This nonprofit needed help in raising awareness for the work they do and to promote NAMIWalk, a key fundraiser to support their efforts. Harte Hanks built a multifaceted plan around NAMIWalk, including a business-to-business outreach letter, telemarketing support and social media training.
“We received a donation today for the 2014 walk that is a direct result of the outreach letter sent out by Harte Hanks. We also received calls from local businesses as a result of the mail outs.” — Barbara Aikens,
Membership Contact

Global Peace Film Festival

The Global Peace Film Festival, established in 2003, uses the power of the moving image to further the cause of peace on earth. This nonprofit needed help to raise awareness and engage audiences beyond their annual film festival. Harte Hanks updated the organization's website, created an influencer outreach program, created social content and used local street teams to generate participation and create advocates. Their website was enhanced to focus on specific issues and drive participation beyond the event by turning fans into advocates using influencer outreach and planned content.
“Each film in the festival tells a story about life experiences that may resonate with viewers and inspire them to take action. Through this partnership, we had organizations at the festival that can benefit immediately by viewers in attendance or reach people who need their services right away. It’s a win-win for all of us.” — Nina Streich,
Executive Director of
Global Peace Film Festival


In 2015, our employees at the Harte Hanks office in Belgium got involved with Plant-for-the-Planet, a program started in 2007 by Felix Finkbeiner, a nine year old German student. His goal was to plant one million trees in every country to positively offset CO2 emissions. It took only one year to meet this goal in Germany, and the program is now global. Harte Hanks Belgium employees wanted to support the fight for a cleaner future for our children. As a result, we started planting trees on behalf of our clients and have been inviting them to plant 150 trees in the location of their choice. To date, Harte Hanks has helped plant more than 15,000 trees, helping to create a healthier planet for all of us.
“A sincere thank you to Harte Hanks for offering this very unique opportunity. It is a wonderful initiative that coincides with ADI’s goals of being an environmental steward and contributor in our communities—a great way to make a positive impact.”— Director, Marketing Communications EMEA,
Analog Devices GmbH
Keep an eye out for our first public-facing report on CSR activities in 2016. In the meantime follow and join in the conversation with us on Twitter @hartehanks or LinkedIn.
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